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TAP AUM - The Attlas Project helps humanity work with the Analogous Ultimate Methodology to Realize its True Potential



In our individual & collective search for meaning, purpose and answers, what if we’ve overlooked a single, universal, ubiquitous and unequivocal Truth staring us all in the face all this time? Not just meaning, a method. And not just any method: the Analogous Ultimate Methodology which lies at the very heart of all phenomena...




Our Team

The Attlas Project is far bigger than any one person. We have assembled an amazing team of visionaries who are chomping at the bit to dedicate their lives full-time to TAP which speaks most to their heart - what they came here to do - but they need a modest income to be able to do so. You can help liberate them from their current "ball & chain" jobs so that they can pursue The Attlas Project full-time. Learn how.

Our Story

The Attlas Project was born when its founder, Attila Lendvai (who began meditating at the age of 5), learned the name of his True Self (Attlas). At age 25, Attila moved to Japan where his journey of Self-discovery took leaps and bounds. in 2009, he published The Attlas Project Volume One - SEE The World in a New Light. Ten years later, Attila's vision for "Volume Two" of TAP is ready to be played out on the world stage.

Our Life's Work

To be "fishers of men" The Attlas Project casts the broadest, deepest, strongest net: which catches all fish and leaves none out. The Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM) is that net. But our goal is not to give everyone a fish, it is to show them how to use AUM to fish for themselves. In other words, to unlock humanity's true potential and have it on TAP, we resolve to be "fishers of fishermen."





The Attlas Project Volume One: See the World in a New Light

Our first book offers a series of blueprints for improving civilization that show why global crises are really opportunities for human progress.


Like the Titanic, civilization is sailing through dangerous waters these days. Some want to stay the course, putting their faith in the ship human ingenuity built. Others blame progress, desiring a return to ancient beliefs and traditions. The Attlas Project Volume One – See the World in a New Light, offers a vision of a new world on the horizon and the maps to get us there. It sheds light on where we are and how we got here—highlighting why so-called crises are really opportunities for human progress—and what minor course corrections should be made to avoid the dangers lurking in the darkness. Step one is to “SEE” (Strategize, Engage, Execute) problems in a simple yet highly effective way—the Attlas Process.  Step two is to apply the Attlas Process to crises/opportunities in economics, democracy, and culture. Step three is to see the big picture: a global vessel capable of harnessing the winds of change, storms included, and making it to the new world that awaits all humankind.


It will, of course, be necessary to point out certain shortcomings of human civilization, but my intention is to be constructive and offer a positive outlook.  Unlike so many contemporary critics, comedians, or counsellors, I will not be serving up an all-out, no-holds-barred rant in the Attlas Project.  Not only is it commonplace in our culture simply to point out what’s wrong, it is functionally useless, in my opinion.  Pick up a newspaper, a remote control, or a mouse and you can see for yourself what’s “wrong” with the world.  But consider this: when you go to the doctor is it enough for him or her to give you a diagnosis?  Don’t you want to know what’s behind your symptoms?  Do you not also expect some medication or treatment program to cure what ails you, if at all possible?  So, in writing this book, my challenge is to stay positive, proactive, and constructive.  To aid in this effort, I will be presenting a series of diagrams (think blueprints) that should cut down on the rhetoric and make this more of a show and tell, which I hope you will find both entertaining and enlightening.  I begin by making a case for hope and optimism.



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