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Centrist Democratic Progress Canada




  1. Society Engaged Electronic Democracy (SEE Democracy)

  2. Social Environmental Economic Leadership (SEE Leadership)

  3. Secure Ethical Enjoyable Society (SEE Society)

  4. Sensible Educated Empowered Citizens (SEE Citizens)

  5. Sentient Energized Enriching Culture (SEE Culture)

  6. Based on: Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge (SEE Knowledge)

  7. Result: Science & Ethos Epitomizing Progress (SEE Progress)

CDPC Vision 2020

CDPC Vision 2020 GoFundMe Campaign

Canada’s future is threatened by the politics of division, corruption, foreign incursions, hackneyed theories, and flawed systems. The silent majority of Canadians are kept out of the debate, sidelined by elites & SJWs, knowing we’ll be the ones left holding the bag—our society gutted, our nation looted, our shared hopes for our children’s future fading fast.  Time to stop the madness.  Time to rise and SEE the end of politics and business as usual...

CDPC Vision 2020 GoFundMe Video


Details and Donations on our GoFundMe Page:

Background & Overview

Like elsewhere in the West identity politics of division, corruption, and foreign incursion have gained a foothold in Canada.  The majority of Canadians are kept out of the debate, watching from the sidelines knowing we’ll be left holding the bag, financially—our society gutted, our nation looted, our hopes for our children’s future fading fast.  The madness must stop.  It is time to end the politics of division, corruption, disinformation, cronyism, et al.  Time to rise up and SEE the end of politics as usual.  Together, we can SEE a better Canada and the world… 

Canada needs a new political paradigm for Society Engaged Electronic Democracy in the 21st Century.  One which allows us to utilize our smart devices to SEE Democracy at work in our lives.  Hear voices on all sides, from all regions, identities, backgrounds, and interests; share and discover solutions; bridge gaps and heal wounds; and give all comers a united dynamic platform of Social Environmental Economic Leadership—not as a congress but as a progress—advancing individual and collective interests as a nation, so we SEE Leadership benefitting us, our families, communities, and all Canadians. 

Canada must be a Secure, Ethical, Enjoyable Society home to genuinely Sensible, Educated, and Empowered Citizens, spending our lives immersed in and contributing to a Sentient, Energized, and Enriching Culture.  To SEE Society truly progress is to SEE Citizens with far greater control over their own lives and destiny; SEE Culture thrive and bloom on timeless universal wisdom born of Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge.  Since knowledge is power, Canadians will SEEK the Truth once they SEE Democracy truly is in their hands.  They will no longer settle for theories, opinions, and propaganda.  Neither should you.  The result will be a new Science and Ethos Epitomizing Progress in Canada, for all the world to SEE, Progress.

2020 Funding Campaign & Five-Year Pledge

No enterprise of this kind can happen without financial support.  As the founder of The Attlas Project, once funded, I pledge myself full-time to SEE Democracy realized via Centrist Democratic Progress Canada.  My five-year commitment to the CDPC includes its organization, registration, recruitment of volunteers, staffing, ongoing fundraising, SEE Democracy I.T. development, admin, marketing, public relations, and election-preparedness by end of 2025. 

I have launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $375K (just over $250K after the site takes its 32% cut) by the end of 2020 for start-up capital, administration & legal fees, and to lock-in my five-year pledge to CDPC.  Future fundraising will take place once the CDPC is officially registered, etc.  This initial round will get us to that point.  So why the tight 75-day deadline?  As crucial as it may be, there is more at stake in this campaign than funding.

This GoFundMe campaign is a critical market-test and proof of concept.  It is all well and good to have Canadians cheering you on in spirit, but do they really want to SEE Democracy and SEE Progress in Canada?  Are you prepared to lend your support to someone offering real leadership and a worthy vision of Canada for the 21st Century and beyond?    

If your answer is yes, then throw a few bucks our way and encourage your family, friends and neighbours do the same.  If you answered no, then there is no hope you will SEE Leadership in Canada; no hope for meaningful change for the 21st Century.  Without your support, there can be no Centrist Democratic Progress Canada.  Unless you answer the call to adventure, Canadians will never SEE Democracy held in the palm of their hand.  Nor will Canada SEE Progress unless you transform the positive vibes SEEing an uplifting vision for the nation’s future into positive action making a suitably impactful investment in that future…here and now.    

In the past, I have often accomplished much with little, but I cannot conjure a national political party out of thin air.  On the path to realizing our full potential—be it individual or national—we must be infinitely practical.  It takes more than good intentions and well wishes to SEE Progress. 

We must SEE this vision realized together.  SEE Democracy will never succeed without you, your engagement, your ideas, your solutions…and, here and now at its inception, your financial support and word-of-mouth.  Give what you can.  Every dollar counts.  Share the campaign video and GoFundMe link with everyone you know.  Help as many people as possible SEE Democracy and SEE Progress via our shared vision for Centrist Democratic Progress Canada.

Together, we can make this happen.  Together we can show the world Canada’s true potential.  Thank you for your time and support.


Many of the founding principles of the CDPC were published over a decade ago in The Attlas Project Volume One: SEE The World in a New Light, including SEEconomics, SEE Democracy, SEE Culture and SEE Progress.  

TAP Volume One

TAP Volume One

The Attlas Project Volume One: See the World in a New Light

Our first book offers a series of blueprints for improving civilization that show why global crises are really opportunities for human progress.


Like the Titanic, civilization is sailing through dangerous waters these days. Some want to stay the course, putting their faith in the ship human ingenuity built. Others blame progress, desiring a return to ancient beliefs and traditions. The Attlas Project Volume One – See the World in a New Light, offers a vision of a new world on the horizon and the maps to get us there. It sheds light on where we are and how we got here—highlighting why so-called crises are really opportunities for human progress—and what minor course corrections should be made to avoid the dangers lurking in the darkness. Step one is to “SEE” (Strategize, Engage, Execute) problems in a simple yet highly effective way—the Attlas Process.  Step two is to apply the Attlas Process to crises/opportunities in economics, democracy, and culture. Step three is to see the big picture: a global vessel capable of harnessing the winds of change, storms included, and making it to the new world that awaits all humankind.


It will, of course, be necessary to point out certain shortcomings of human civilization, but my intention is to be constructive and offer a positive outlook.  Unlike so many contemporary critics, comedians, or counsellors, I will not be serving up an all-out, no-holds-barred rant in the Attlas Project.  Not only is it commonplace in our culture simply to point out what’s wrong, it is functionally useless, in my opinion.  Pick up a newspaper, a remote control, or a mouse and you can see for yourself what’s “wrong” with the world.  But consider this: when you go to the doctor is it enough for him or her to give you a diagnosis?  Don’t you want to know what’s behind your symptoms?  Do you not also expect some medication or treatment program to cure what ails you, if at all possible?  So, in writing this book, my challenge is to stay positive, proactive, and constructive.  To aid in this effort, I will be presenting a series of diagrams (think blueprints) that should cut down on the rhetoric and make this more of a show and tell, which I hope you will find both entertaining and enlightening.  I begin by making a case for hope and optimism.

Contact CDPC

Contact CDPC

40 Gibbs Cres.

Guelph, Ontario

N1G 5B7 Canada

Tel: 647-460-0560

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