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EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat
Social Environmental Economic
Building EcoSystems & Technology
ESAHH...SEE BEST Community Investment 

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EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat

When we look at our current habitat, we discover the prevalence of Sick Building Syndrome. From off-gassing of toxic materials to molds, hostile indoor environments create many very real health issues for many people. And the stress of SBS impacts mental health. 

EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat is more than just an antidote to SBS.  It is advanced habitat for humans and habitat for advanced humans. 

Based on the principles of mutually beneficial symbiosis, resilience, self-organizing intelligence, and unspeakable beauty present in all high-order ecosystems, PeapodLife’s EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat offers occupants a living space environment which supports optimal mental, physical, and spiritual well being.      

SEE Value
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Social Environmental Economic

Over twenty years ago, we unearthed the fatal flaw of capitalism: unaccounted for intangible costs of business, euphemistically referred to as 'externalized costs.'
SEE-Valuation was born.   

Inspired by the vision of Social Environmental Economics described in The Attlas Project - SEE the World in a New Light, Peapodlife puts SEE-V first: a SEE Venture built on SEE Value(s) for the mutual benefit of individuals, community, society, economy and ecology. 

 SEE-V aligns capitalism with high-order ecosystems, whose guiding principles are behind our decision to create the healthiest living spaces from as much recycled, repurposed, and responsibly sourced materials as possible, manufactured and assembled in the most socially, environmentally and economically responsible way, with at least 50% of all units sold/rented as affordable housing. 

EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat must benefit all, regardless of their social, environmental, economic station in life.

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Social Environmental Economic Value
BEST Community



PeapodLife’s BEST Community project creates significant Return on Investment with minimal risk and maximum Social, Environmental, and Economic benefits through the innovation and commercialization of ESAHH.


Elegant in its simplicity, any number of relatively inexpensive-to-manufacture, easy-to-ship, and highly flexible/configurable container-home “Peapods” are arranged around a central “EcoDome” consisting of an enclosed indoor/outdoor courtyard space containing a unique rainforest “Pyramid EcoSystem” water feature/fountain. Multiple EcoDomes per BEST Community.  

Highlights & Key Benefits 

  • More greenhouse than building, EcoDome is an enclosed, shared, courtyard garden space.

  • Occupants enjoy AHH—BEST air quality; temperate rainforest ecosystem environment—24/7/365.

  • PeapodLife components manufactured by partners, maximizing quality control, and minimizing onsite work to land development, assembly, and landscaping.

  • Lots of opportunity to use recycled materials (including shipping containers & engineered wood).

  • 50% of units sold/rented at affordable housing.

Metal Stairs on Wooden Facade

BEST Investment

PeapodLife’s BEST Community in Georgian Bay creates significant Return on Investment with minimal risk and maximum Social, Environmental, and Economic Value(s) through the innovation and  commercialization of EcoSystem Advanced Human Habitat. 

Financial Highlights 

  • Worst-case (4 EcoDomes sold as Condos) 48% ROI.

  • Best-case (5 EcoDomes sold as Condos) 73% ROI.

  • 50% of units sold/rented at affordable housing market rates means PeapodLife BEST Community should win approval from municipal officials and enjoy a fast-tracked permitting process.

  • In rental EcoDome(s), 50% of units rented at short-term vacation rates (subsidize affordable units).


In either scenario, PeapodLife’s intention is to purchase and keep at least one EcoDome (including all 12 Peapods) for our own primary residences, luxury rentals, affordable rentals, and sales & marketing (i.e. demonstration) purposes.


The opportunity exists, of course, to make all EcoDomes/Peapods a combination of vacation, luxury, and affordable rentals, if that is something our investment partner may be interested in, we can certainly discuss that in detail and share our projections at that time.


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40 Gibbs Cres. Guelph, Ontario

N1G5B7 Canada

Email: attila [at] peapodlife [dot] com 

Tel: 647-460-0560

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